Chibi Commissions for Kitty

Okay, internet. I hate to be one of those people, but..well.

This is my cat, Scrub (short for deku scrub). Throughout the last 6 months or so, he�s been developing lesions on his face (picture 3 is a bad picture, but he wont let us near it)

He�s been on a few medications and non-allergenic cat food and he�s been fine, but this most recent flare up is worse than ever and they want to do some additional testing.

The problem is is that its going to cost us almost $500, plus the cost of whatever new medication he needs. So cash is a little tight right now.


I�m offering some chibi commissions, like little akira up above there! $5 for the clean sketch/line art, $10 for a full colour one!

For more info/to commission me, you can note me here, email me at, or contact me on my Deviantart. This Kitty means the world to me, and I hate seeing him suffer like this![img][/img][img][img][/img]

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